Holds all courses for Building Learning Skills

Working on your Project is comprised of 5 Units, with each unit consisting of

  • Learning  Objectives
  • Study Materials
  • Self-Assessment Exercise
  • Resource Materials
Here is an overview of the units:

Unit 1 : The project as a vehicle for problem solving
Unit 2 : Sourcing information to guide examination of problem
Unit 3 : Fleshing out the problem – two examples
Unit 4 : Data collection and analysis
Unit 5: Developing solutions; creating innovation

Delving into Academic Text comprises two units:

Unit 1: Statements: similarities and differences

1.1 Recognizing Statements
1.2 Facts
1.3 Assertions
1.4 Generalizations
1.5 Directives and opinions – Partial statements

    Unit 2: Analysis in Academic text

    2.1 Analysis: breaking down; creating layers
    2.2 Analysis of a process
    2.3 Analysis of a concept
    2.4 Analysis to substantiate, support a statement
    2.5 Analysis as the basis for building an argument