Olabisi Kuboni, Ph.D, is a retired senior lecturer of the University of the West Indies. She was involved in the field of open, online and distance learning from 1997 to her retirement in 2012.

This course Delving into Academic Text was previously titled Handling Complex Academic Information. It is the first of a proposed series of free online courses under the broad heading Building Learning Skills.

Delving into Academic Text is a self-instructional course that seeks to assist students at the post-secondary and higher education sectors to build the skills necessary for navigating their way through academic texts. It takes as it starting point that if students have a better understanding of how authors use language to get across their ideas, they will be in a better position to extract the relevant information required for doing their own work.

The course therefore seeks to provide students with the tools for pulling apart and delving into the materials that they read. 

    Available courses

    "Working on your Project" is comprised of 5 Units

    1. Unit 1 : The project as a vehicle for problem solving
    2. Unit 2 : Sourcing information to guide examination of problem
    3. Unit 3 : Investigating the problem – two examples
    4. Unit 4 : Data collection and analysis
    5. Unit 5: Developing solutions; creating innovation
    In summary "Working on your Project" introduces you to techniques that help you identify a problem and develop a solution for it.

    Delving into Academic Text comprises two units:

    Unit 1 : Statements: similarities and differences.

    Unit 2 : Analysis in academic text.

    It ends with some brief concluding remarks.